About Us


A leading school recognized nationally as landmark of quality education molding the students into future productive citizens and effective leaders of society through integrated development of their mind, heart and hands.


To discover, develop and equip the students with the knowledge, character, competence and creativity necessary in the development of a total person. To maintain the highest education standard through responsive curriculum and innovative method of instruction under a wholesome environment.



  • We believe that every child has the potential to succeed given the right environment, opportunity and supervision.

  • Learning is a lifelong process and prepares the student for the future.

  • Education is built around the individual learning needs of the whole child that includes educating not only his head but also his hands and heart as well.

  • Play is the ‘work’ of a child during which he enjoys freedom to explore and be exposed to enriching experiences.

  • Every child deserves a high quality of education.


The school has its roots from the vision and mission of a man whose unquestionable integrity, honesty and responsibility in serving the country and his family, served as an inspiration for his children in opening a school. His tough decision for transforming a nation as he believes comes from a breeding of a good family, with a disciplinary school as a partner in upholding dreams from the blizzard. This tough guy is no other than, retired Director General Recaredo A. Sarmiento II of the Philippine National Police and Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Moreover, with his perfect match is a very simple and humble teacher, Mrs. Lucita Luarca-Sarmiento, both hails from the religious province of Marinduque. Her passion is not only for teaching but more likely to nurture children with love and care. The value- oriented wife and God-loving mother transmitted this to her skin. The high calibre and world class teacher now thinks and delves of a new benchmark for quality learning.

The children through, Ma.Louree Sarmiento- Vailoces, M.D, perpetuated into realities the perfect match of a nation with productive citizen and character built learners, it is conceptualized in a hybrid of Science High School and disciplinary institution to develop boys and girls intellectually, morally and spiritually.

As years go by and when the SARCA young grandchildren were about to start their formal education, the family agreed to hire teachers and develop a curriculum to incorporate the lessons and skills they wanted the kids to acquire and develop.

So, in February 2003, the SARCA family with a relative namely; Vendia Chua and two friends namely, Margarita B. Aldovino and Lois Georgette Ignacio, organized and registered with Securities and Exchange Commission, the “Chrysallis Learning Center” as an early childhood center offering toddler, nursery and kindergarten programs. Inspired by the metamorphosis of a butterfly, THE NAME, “Chrysallis” was adopted to describe how a child develops into adulthood like the butterfly transforming from an egg to an adult butterfly.

Then as approved by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on October 15, 2007 the school’s name was formally changed to Bristol Integrated School, adopting the name Bristol, a country in Indiana, USA where one of the incorporators was residing and did some researches about child development, school organization and management. Moreover, the Bristol Integrated School was granted by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) the authority to establish and operate an educational institution or learning center which shall provide courses of study in pre-school, elementary, secondary and special education.

The leadership and management of the school is spearheaded by the Board of Trustees with Mrs.Lucita Sarmiento as the Chairman and the members are as follows:

  • Ma. Loisa S. Alba, M.D

  • Margarita B. Aldovino

  • Ma. Luzette S. Brion, DDM

  • Vendia Chua

  • Maria Louanna S. Garcia, M.D

  • Lois Georgette S. Ignacio

  • Ma. Louchiel S. Labay

  • Ma. Louvenia S. Morgia, CPA

  • Maria Lalaline A. Sarmiento

  • Recaredo L. Sarmiento IV

  • Ma. Louree S. Vailoces

  • Recaredo L. Sarmiento II

In compliance with the government requirements, Bristol was awarded Governement Recognition to wit:

  • Pre- NKP of the Pre-Elementary Course- Government Recognition K- 024 s.2008

  • Elementary Government Recognition (R-IV-A)-No. E-15 s. 2009

  • SPED- SPED-001 S.2009

  • Complete Secondary Course- Government Recognition (R-IV-A)-No.009 s. 2012

Now, the Department of Education has granted Bristol Integrated School a Provisional Government Permit No. SHS-134S.2015 for the Senior High School Program as of June 4, 2015.

The school in order to meet global competition, international market and opportunities, voluntarily subject to a self- assessment (ESC) on the areas of:

  1. School Philosophy, Vision, Mission, Goals/ Objectives

  2. Instructional Program

  3. School Personnel

  4. Student Services

  5. Administration and Governance

  6. School Budget and Finances

  7. Institutional Planning and Development

As a result, the schools’ lines of communication, processes, policies and procedure were visited. A revised administrative manual, finance manual, faculty manual, organizational chart, faculty development plan and a school improvement plan came out. This paradigm shifting for Bristol Integrated School marks a new hallmark leading, towards quality and excellence in the era of radical reforms of Philippine Educational System.