The students are expected to conduct themselves properly all the time especially while inside the school premises. They must respect the rights of others and school properties. Students, whether passing through the hallways or along the classrooms individually or in group, are advised to do so quietly. Maintaining the line of the class during transit is strongly encouraged. For the safety of all concerned, running is not acceptable.

Wearing of School Uniforms/ID

Students must wear the prescribed uniform from Monday to Friday except during PE days where they are expected to come in their PE uniform. Parents are advised to make sure their child wears his/her ID every day.

  • White shirt or “sando” should be worn underneath the polo or blouse.

  • Black leather shoes and black socks are to be worn.

  • Wear ID at all times.

  • Changing of shirt is allowed after classes in the afternoon. In case of the need to change polo/blouse during school hours (ex. Wet shirt due to sweat), students should bring extra school uniform (top).

  • Proper grooming and wearing of school uniform is encouraged.

At the Playground

It is expected that students at the playground shall:

  • Be very careful when running.

  • Avoid pushing and shoving.

  • Do not throw harmful objects.

  • Follow all playground rules.

Lunch Policies

  • We encourage parents to prepare healthy food for their children’s snacks and lunch.

  • Caregivers are requested to encourage children to be independent and self-sufficient. Teachers are assigned to monitor the students during lunch hour.

Flag Ceremony

  • Flag Ceremony is held every Monday morning 7:30-8:00 am. All students should be in their proper line at 7:25 am. Flag Ceremony is considered a first period class very Monday morning.

  • Be punctual.

  • Observe silence and order in the formation.

  • Sing and act properly. (Prayer, National Anthem, Panatang Makabayan, Calabarzon March, Bristol Hymn, Exercise)

Assemblies and Programs

During performances, assemblies, or gatherings, a student is expected to demonstrate proper and appropriate behavior by either listening or watching quietly or participating as needed. Shouting, hooting, jeering, yelling, booing, or howling are inappropriate behavior and therefore prohibited.

Inside and Outside the Classroom


  • Students should observe silence, talking in appropriate tone and volume of voice. No laughing boisterously and making unnecessary noise during class hours and in between periods.

  • Be courteous to school authorities and personnel’s, teachers, guests and fellow students.

  • Running inside and outside the classroom is prohibited.

  • Dispose trash in the appropriate garbage can. Take initiative to pick-up the litter and dispose them properly. Keep classroom premises and corridors clean.

  • Refrain from leaving the classroom during class hours. Ask the permission of the teacher before leaving the classroom.

  • No loitering along the corridors and other school premises. All students should be in their respective classrooms before the start of their classes.

Restricted Areas to Students

For safety and security reason, students are not allowed in some areas of the school. These areas include:

1. Ouan’s The Farm and Resort facilities. Students are only allowed to go and use their facilities upon prior notice and approval by management.

2. Near or at the pond area.

Field Trips/Competition Representing the School

Students should always bear in mind that during field trips or in representing the school, they become ambassadors for the school. They must conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the school’s name and honor, without uttering offensive language or displaying inappropriate behavior.

Students should be reminded of the following:

1. Wear complete uniform.

2. Observe rules set by the field trip or competition organizers/teachers.

3. Treat conductors and drivers with respect.

4. Refrain from littering inside the bus.

5. Avoid shouting, howling, and rough play inside venue/bus.

To and From School

For reasons of safety it is expected that all students:

  • Go directly to and from school.

  • Do not talk to strangers.

  • Cross all streets carefully at designated crossing areas.

  • Follow prescribed rules and respect property.

  • Maintain reasonable rules of conduct.