BIS offers a balanced developmental and academic program for the children. This program enables us to accommodate different learning styles to acknowledge differences in developmental levels and to appreciate varying degrees of readiness and interest. Yet, it is designed specifically to guide each child towards academic excellence and good moral values.

We utilize the latest research outputs on a child-centered program where children are motivated to explore and learn in a risk-free environment. Developing and equipping them with necessary leadership, character, competence and creativity is our outmost concern to prepare them for a life long learning and living.

Because children learn best by being active…
Each classroom is a place that invites active exploration, experimentation, discovery, positive expression and education through experiences. The space and materials are selected and arranged to promote hands-on-learning. There are areas/ centers that reinforce specific learning objectives.

Learning Centers & Curriculum Overview

  • Enhance the development of the skills that are introduced during whole group instruction by offering different types of learning activities and are structured to provide exploratory learning experiences.

  • Allows us to build many levels of complexity and difficulty into the learning environment.

  • Foster choice and decision-making practice for the child yet provide framework for us to clarify and define the boundaries. These help the student develop initiative, gain independence and have FUN while learning.

  • A balanced curriculum consisting of the basic as prescribed by the Dep Ed Basic Education Curriculum and the advance courses as well.